Watershed is a software startup working to accelerate the fight against climate change.

Climate programs are becoming a standard part of doing business, and we’re making it easy for all companies to scale their impact.

Preventing catastrophic climate change requires businesses to rapidly decarbonize across every sector of the economy. Watershed builds software to enable this: our tools help businesses measure, reduce, and report their climate impact.

We're a team of technologists and climate advocates. We launched Stripe's climate program, and have built products at Stripe, Airtable, Airbnb, and Opendoor.

For more detail, check out our twelve month update from October 2020.

Join us

We are looking for founding team members who are passionate about building great products and want to work hard to help stop climate change. We're excited to talk with great candidates in any role (just email [email protected]), and the following roles are our top priorities:

Product Designer @ Watershed

Data Engineer @ Watershed

Product Engineer @ Watershed

Full-stack Engineer @ Watershed

Business @ Watershed

Sales @ Watershed

Climate reading

These are some of our favorite climate readings, ones that have been influential or encouraging as we've started Watershed. Please send us recommendations or feedback as you read it.

Climate reading list