Watershed is a tech startup working to accelerate the fight against climate change. We’re hiring a founding designer to join our US-based team.

Please reach out to [email protected] to discuss.


Our mission is to help stop climate change by accelerating the transition to a zero carbon economy. Businesses are a key actor in this transition, and corporate climate programs are becoming ubiquitous thanks to investor expectations, employee enthusiasm, regulatory requirements [pdf], supply chain pressure, customer brand, and corporate peer pressure.

But we've seen firsthand that it's a hard problem. At Stripe, we built the climate program and were surprised how few tools existed in the space. Now we’re building the data sets, tools, and marketplace that businesses need to succeed.

Watershed provides everything that a business needs to have true climate impact: data analytics to understand their carbon footprint, tools to execute on carbon reductions, easy purchasing of clean energy and carbon offsets, and help communicating their impact. We launched the product in December 2019 and are live with paying customers who are using Watershed to cut carbon.


The success of our customers depends on excellent design: Watershed is a power-tool for turning data into climate action and every detail matters. We are building software for businesses to understand their climate data, act on their insights, and communicate internally and externally about their progress.

To lead this work, we’re looking for someone who:

Examples of things that you might work on next week at Watershed: